Bikeyoke is a Munich/Germany and Tainan/Taiwan based company, ran by passionate bikers and engineers, founded in 2016. We are constantly working on our bikes, tweaking them to squeeze out the maximum of performance. People who know us, might say we are enthusiastic perfectionists.
We have been working in the bicycle industry for over a decade now, and if you own a dropper seatpost, an oval chainring, or a travel adjustable fork, it is not unlikely, that it´s something that we designed.

Specialized is an awesome brand and probably the most famous brand in Mountainbiking. Well, they are doing a great job! Being huge fans of Specialized bikes, we personally only felt restricted, not being able to tune or upgrade our Enduros with some of the numerously available shocks on the market. This limited choice of shocks and our desire to always test the latest aftermarket products, helping us push our bikes´ performance to the limits, drove us to the creation of our BikeYokes.

The BikeYoke was our first product to enter the market and we also chose it to be our company name. But the BikeYokes will not remain our only product - we are working on new innovative parts, tweaks and gadgets right now.
We hope that owning one of our products will also make your biking-world a little more perfect.

Unleash the true potential of your bike - With BikeYoke. Now.