What you see before you did not happen overnight. This endeavor came about following years of riding and racing, and initially manifested itself as a long held desire to produce the finest bicycle components and race-driven products, bar none. Box Components is the embodiment of the hard work and vision of a diverse group of dedicated riders and industry veterans who took it upon themselves to create something entirely new and different. Tested on Southern California's extensive network of trails and on BMX tracks worldwide, our parts and accessories are designed with the utmost thought and consideration for use by teams and riders competing at the highest levels of the sport.

From World Cup events to Olympic races, our components are a favorite among elite riders because they exhibit the qualities most sought after by racers -- they are made to work under the most punishing and extreme conditions. Yes, we manufacture our components using the latest production techniques and the most advanced materials. But our design engineers also instill in our products a sense of style that uniquely represents our Southern California racing heritage. Ultimately, this distinction is what defines us. Our products benefit not only World Cup champions, but all riders and enthusiasts, regardless of skill level or riding ability. We seek to elevate the riding experience, to push the limits of what is possible. That is Box Components.

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